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Ten Commandments of Writing Inspirational Fiction

Iron sharpens iron. Join our blog hop today as Pelican Book Group authors share their ten commandments of Writing. Follow the links below to read what others have shared!

Ten Commandments of Writing Inspirational Fiction

I I shall have no other gods before Him. His Spirit is the creative wind beneath my wings and I write first to serve Him.

II I shall not make for myself idols of my work, readers, facebook, or phone.

III I shall not profane the Lord's name by writing anything that does not glorify Him while calling it Christian Fiction.

IV I shall remember the Sabbath and keep it holy by turning off the notifications and tuning in to Him.

V I shall find creative ways to meet the needs of my family while working. Isn't that why crock pots were invented?

VI I shall use discernment while discussing plots with other writers in public, especially at airports.

VII I shall not neglect my spouse; he is my most loyal fan.

VIII I shall produce only authentic work at all times, and give others credit for being brilliant when I am not.

IX I shall not write nasty reviews, whine, or criticize other; we reap what we sew.

X I shall not covet the success of other writers, but rejoice with them. I shall strive to do my very best, and know that blessings come in His perfect time.

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