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Julia M. Toto writes of hope, forgiveness, and second chances, infusing her stories with relevant, compelling issues that bring characters face to face with difficult questions. Having experienced God's saving grace as a young woman, she believes that no mistake is too great to be forgiven, and no heart is too shattered to be healed. Whether ghost writing or storytelling, Julia draws deeply from her own experiences to paint words on pages that will take her readers on a journey of the five senses.


HOME FREE is a winner of Karen Kingsbury's Family Fiction contest. In this historical short story, a young orphan's fear drives her to flee from an estranged relative. But is she planning her future, or her own demise? Against the backdrop of Steamers and train whistles, Home Free carries readers along the scenic shoreline of Conneaut Lake in northwestern Pennsylvania.


WAIT FOR MORNING is a tender love story set in the Ozark foothills. This contemporary romance was penned from the author's own stone cottage beneath boughs of spicy pine. A novella in Pelican Book Group Easter Lilies, Wait for Morning raises timeless questions about death, and life.


A LETTER FROM DADDY is the author’s true account of finding help in a most unusual way. Included with forty eight inspirational narratives in ITS A GOD THING by Worthy Publishing Group, these amazing stories can only be explained one way!


CITY SIDEWALKS is a contemporary romance set in Tulsa's lovely and historic mid town, where grace spills like moonlight over luxury homes and homeless beggars alike. But City Sidewalks isn't just another holiday romance; it’s a gripping story of mercy, grace, and social justice. A Pelican Book Group's Christmas Extravaganza novella, City Sidewalk’s message rings true year round.

THE DECADES LONG DREAM is an inspiring reminder that less is more. Read it today in Chicken Soup for the Soul's delightful collection The Joy of Less.



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